Take A Chill Pill

All of us Americans need to just take a chill pill with all of our nationalism and our hatred over the success of the Chinese government and their economy, I mean just because the government in Communist doesn’t mean they are bad people at all, in fact it might insinuate quite the contrary. But for the most part there is this animosity that has built up in the egos of all of Americans because all of sudden the USA isn’t number one anymore in terms of the global economy and now China is the number one nation, and that makes us feel butt hurt or something. It really is strange that we would be so self absorbed that we can’t handle being the number two economy in the world, out of all the countries, it’s a disaster for the United States to be number two in overall economy to China. But the truth is there was no way that the United States could ever keep up with China once they started to rise up simply because China has so much more of a working force than the United States, almost triple the amount of workers, so they have to have a bigger economy just to keep their country afloat, it just makes sense, but so many Americans get all upset that China is number one and that’s just so stupid.

One thing you should probably know about China is that the capital of the country, Beijing, has a really thriving economy all on their own, and it is Beijing that is becoming the new New York City of the world in terms of finance and other economic headquarters. The overall future of our world’s economy lies with Asia in general, and when it comes to Asia the big power house economies are China and Japan, and in China the big city is Beijing, and it really is a magnificent city it really is.

Of course being the capital of China Beijing is the biggest political hub of the entire nation, kind of like how Washington D.C. is in the United States, it’s pretty self explanatory. But because Beijing is the capital and there are a lot of political influences there, you should also understand that politics and the entire political culture of the city also plays a huge effect on the city’s entire economy.

One of the main targets for the city’s economy that the government is trying to aim towards for in the future is helping out the environment surrounding the city of Beijing, because it is no secret that Beijing is the most polluted city in the world. But as of now the Chinese government is going to make sure that they make a better effort to get their environment cleaner and make Beijing a cleaner place. So all of this regulations by the government that are just now being enacted to help out the overall environment surrounding the city is also taking a huge toll on the city’s economy, and it will be really interesting to see just how much the economy changes as they focus more on the environment into the future.

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Beijing is the capital of the country of China and it probably is one of the biggest and most unbelievable cities in the entire world. With over 18 million people living within the city limits of Beijing there really are a lot of people, and where there are a lot of people there is also a huge emphasis on trade and commerce, and it really is the entire economy of Beijing that this particular article is going to discuss as thoroughly as humanly possible in terms of the sectors of the economy of Beijing as well as go into more details into the overall lifestyle and ways of business in Beijing.

Everyone knows that MADE IN CHINA is as American as apple pie these days, and just about everything that we have in our country has that tag on it somewhere, and that’s because literally everything is manufactured in China these days because the prices to do big plants are less than half the price in China than it would be in the United States and there are barely any regulations, which wouldn’t be the case in the United States at all. So now that everything is built or created in China what do you think they’re going to do with all their stuff? That’s right, you guessed it, they trade it to other countries around the world and make a bunch of money off their goods. Given that, it’s safe to say that foreign trade is actually one of the biggest sectors of the entire economy of Beijing, and this is in direct relation to the huge amount of manufacturing that happens in Beijing as well. We all know about how bad the pollution is in Beijing, but why do you think the pollution is so bad? It’s because there is literally every good in the world being produced within a 30 mile radius, and it can be pretty overwhelming when everyone is working at full speed producing goods with no air pollution regulations, and that’s when things can get gnarly in Beijing.

But for the most part foreign trade is one of the biggest sectors of the Beijing economy, and with so man different export-oriented corporations being located in Beijing they are all thinking about making things in Beijing and then quickly shipping their goods overseas to other countries like the United States so that they can turn a profit and then do it again, and again, and again in a continuous cycle of manufacturing, selling and so on and so forth.

The thing is that everyone else around the world wants these goods from China because there aren’t any cheaper prices anywhere else in the world. The prices are so good in China for countries across the world and it becomes irresistible for us because us as consumers here in the United States expect a certain price for certain things, and we don’t want to pay certain prices for other things so if you are a business in the United States and you don’t import from China then you are going to lose business to your competitors who do.

US Not So Powerful?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the United States is not the most powerful country in the world anymore, maybe we are militarily but that is just because we are really crazy as to how much money we spend on our military. In terms of the economy and money, which is what everyone really cares about in the long run, the United States is now not the richest country in the world. We might still have a pretty high currency value and a high GDP per capita, which is important, but now we must make way for our newest and best ally in terms of the economy, and that’s the country of China.

China is now going to be the strongest economic powerhouse of the 21st century, and it’s going to be good and bad for the world when this comes into full fruition, but really there is no telling what is going to happen because it is all just speculation. Speculation just so happens to be on the main driving forces of all of the global stock market exchanges, and although it may be really stupid, it is kind of how the world’s economy flows from one day to the next because in all honesty no one really knows what’s going to happen in the future except for maybe a few people so we’re all scrambling trying to figure out what to do in the present so that the immediate future is OK, but then of course things change and we realize we were all just speculating in the first place.

But let’s talk about China and in particular let’s talk about the economy of China’s capital, Beijing. Beijing is an awesome place and is a very unique city to say the least, and I personally know this because I used to live there when I studied abroad in Beijing and it was a really cool place to live for one summer of my life and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else but China if I had the choice again to study abroad in Asia. But while I was there I learned a lot about Beijing’s economy, and in particular I learned about the Streets of Beijing and how the local economy is a lot of times run through street vendors who are always around at local tourist spots as well as just around the city either selling food, goods, trinkets, drink or a whole bunch of different items that really creates a lot of commerce right there on the streets of Beijing.

So if you want to know about the economy of Beijing then you should understand that a lot of the commerce that happens in Beijing is under the table and just really quickly happening all over the city on the city’s streets, and it’s also on the streets where you can find the very best authentic Chinese food, and I’m telling you it really is amazing and for the most part really cheap and affordable. My mouth waters thinking of the street food that was right down the street from my dorm room back in the day and I just know for a fact that street vendors are the heart and soul and really the underbelly of Beijing’s commerce and overall economy.

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China is taking over

Everyone knows that China is taking over, let’s just get over that and move on to bigger and better things with China and learn to cooperate with them and their government so we can have a peaceful future without any type of international conflict that everyone knows China will win. It honestly will just save us all a bunch of time, money, and potentially loved ones. So no one wants to go to war with China, duh, and everyone is ready to acknowledge them as the next hegemonic power of the world, whoop tee do, China, now it’s your turn to fix all the mess around the global economy. But will China actually even care if the rest of the world goes to shit around them or will they just hold true to their own and take care of themselves including their one billion people they have to fend for? There’s no telling, but their economy is thriving, especially in their eastern cities like the capital city Beijing.

Beijing is a beautiful city and can be one of the best places to live in the world if you don’t mind a little smog every now and again. But Beijing is a huge mega city of over 18 million people living just in the city’s limits, and there are literally so many different parts of the Beijing economy that makes it a very complex place for doing business and learning about macro and micro economics in general. But if you are interested in learning more about the economy in Beijing then you have come to the right place because this article solely pertains to the Beijing economy and in particular this article pertains to the commerce sector of Beijing’s economy, which we all know is a huge part of all of Chinese culture yet alone Beijing’s economy.

The Chinese people are all about buying and selling goods with each other, and it’s really how the whole world’s economy functions, but in Beijing it’s like the whole world can be put into one large city because there literally is everything you can find in the whole world right there in Beijing. Beijing is kind of like its own planet all on its own, and it really feels that way when you are there because the city itself is like this bubble of a city that is just in the middle of this really cool valley, and it kind of is like Los Angeles mixed with Paris mixed with New York in a strange way, but it’s bigger than all three of these cities combined.

Retail stores and other types of product distribution is a huge part of the Beijing economy, and it’s safe to say that Beijing is actually a very fashionable city and is a huge Mecca for fashion in all of Asia. There are now a lot of shopping malls in Beijing and this has lead to a bunch more commerce in general, but really the city’s statistics don’t lie and they tell us that Beijing is full of commerce to the point that it’s almost impossible to record.

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Beijing Unique Thriving Economy

Everyone knows that China is the new United States in terms of the international political economy, and that’s a really important role for them, as they gradually become the world’s hegemonic power that keeps stability across international stock markets and other trading routes as well as throughout all forms of trade and commerce. Everything is going to start to spout from China, and hopefully everyone else is hoping that we can start to get some of the money that a lot of Chinese businessmen have been able to make in recent years. So many of the world’s most wealthy businesses are now located in China, and many of them are located in China’s capital Beijing, where there are more international global fortune 500 companies than any other city on the planet.

It’s true that Beijing has a really unique and thriving economy that is rooted in a whole bunch of different sectors, and it really is a unique city that I highly recommend visiting if you have the means, but that’s just it. Part of the biggest part of Beijing’s economy is rooted through the tourism of people from all over the world coming to Beijing to see the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and all the really great tourist sites that the city has to offer.

Tourism is and always will be a big part of Beijing’s overall economy, and where there are tourists there are going to be other types of businesses trying to appeal to those tourists, and there will also be independent street vendors working their magic on the tourists trying to rip the foreigners off and make a few extra bucks on the side like they are so good at doing.

One of the major tourist attractions in all of Beijing is the Beijing Silk Market, and this is not necessarily what you would expect it to be if you think it’s like some street where a lot of people set up shop and sell silk, that’s not it all. What the silk market looks like today is a really similar to any other mall you would find in the United States, except there are open floors where vendors and businesses set up right next to each other on the floor and bargain with people from all over the world. Out there in Beijing haggling is just a part of the culture so if you do end up going to the Silk Market then you are going to want to work on your bargaining skills so you don’t get ripped off completely.

So if you are planning a trip to Beijing you should understand that you are actually really contributing to the entire economy of Beijing in a big way because Beijing will always rely upon people coming to the city to see the beautiful attractions and fun activities that there are to do in China, and in Beijing it’s really easy for Americans to get around these days so you can really get lost in the streets of Beijing and have an unbelievable experience.

China’s Economy

There’s no denying the basic fact that China’s economy has become a power house around the world as they have been able to become the lucky country who made the grade towards becoming the richest people on earth. And where there is a strong and growing national economy, especially one like China, there has to be a very strong economy in the nation’s capital, and for China that is the city of Beijing.


Beijing is one of the most interesting places on the planet because it is a mega city of over 18 million people who all live in a gridded gigantic city right in the valley of the mountains near the Great Wall of China that was built to protect the capital from invaders on the mountain tops nearby.


It’s really a beautiful place to say the least, but they do have a huge amount of problems just like China in general. China is a beautiful place with a lot of problems just like Beijing, and one the most recognizable problems in Beijing is the air pollution. It can sometimes get so bad in Beijing that many people wear masks that cover their faces to make sure that they don’t breathe in any type of pollution that could potentially be fatal, and a lot of people all over China die every year due to air pollution.


But where there is air pollution there is commerce and industry, and it’s true that Beijing has one of the richest economies and costs of living out of any major city on earth, and there’s a reason for that, and it’s caused by the ever growing amount of business in commerce and the rising GDP in Beijing, which per capita is 12,941 yuan, which honestly is very low. You have to understand that there is so much more to the Chinese economy than most people think and that it is really similar to the United States in terms of wealth disparity, but in China it’s even worse. Of course there are a lot of rich people in Beijing, but it doesn’t come anywhere close to the amount of poor people who populate the city, which is just like anywhere in the world, but sometimes I feel like there is this misconception of China to be really rich in the cities when in fact there are so many people that it would be virtually impossible economically for there to be even more than 1% of really wealthy people throughout the entire city, and that typically is the case everywhere.


A lot of people are forced to work out on the streets and carry around pictures of Chairman Mao for work, but everyone knows that if you are going to carry around pictures of that man you’re not going to make it very far in life. But still, Beijing’s economy is thriving although its GDP per capita is rather low, but compared to the rest of China it actually is pretty good, but that’s not saying much at all.